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It is important to choose your container to Costa Rica container Freight Company carefully. While there are no more inherent dangers to container freight shipping to that country than there are to any other, it is a foreign destination in every sense of the word. In order to make sure your personal goods are handled with care both in the U.S. and when your container to Costa Rica arrives there, you need to deal with a company you can trust.

The first step is to check the container freight company's credentials. While all container shipping companies must have a license from the Federal Maritime Commission, this does not insure they are all equally good. Find out how long the company has been in operation and check its track record with independent sources. Make sure that the company has plenty of experience and expertise at shipping a household goods container to Costa Rica. Some companies are geared more towards large corporate clients than smaller independent shippers who only wish to send household goods overseas.

Once you are satisfied with your choice, and then find out what services they offer. For shipping a personal goods container to Costa Rica, there will be several options.

If you do not need to ship 20 ft container (the smallest size available), but only have a partial container full, it is possible to send what is called in the industry a "Less Load." This is a load that is less than a full container. The price of a partial container to Costa Rica like this is often negotiable. Therefore, you may wish to just send bulky and heavy items this way and take some of your more valuable personal items with you on your flight.

If you are shipping a full container to Costa Rica, do you only need to ship 20 foot container? In that case, you may wish to opt for a "Drop Off" arrangement with your container freight company. The company will drop off a container outside your home and you can stuff it (pack it up) yourself. This can save a substantial amount of money.

If you prefer, you can opt for "Full Service" and not have to lift a finger. Your container freight company will pack all of your personal goods for you in cardboard boxes, complete with the appropriate bubble wrap and peanuts, stuff your container to Costa Rica, send it on its way and unpack and set up your belongings for you in your new residence. Naturally, there will be added container shipping costs to this kind of service, but the benefits may outweigh the costs.

Not all container shipping companies offer such complete services, so ask first before you choose your container freight company. Get comparative container shipping quotes, too. You will be surprised by how competitive the industry is.

If possible, you may wish to consider seasonal changes in container shipping rates. They can vary according to demand. There is really no "slow season" anymore, but during peak traffic seasons, prices can go up substantially. Even in the highest priced season, though, shipping your container to Costa Rica by sea is still by far the most economical way to transport household goods overseas.

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There are 2 Container Ports in Costa Rica: Port of Caldera, Port of Puerto Limon

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